Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children were heckled by ‘class activists’ outside their home, who called the MP a ‘totally horrible man’.

Take Bralette People Me Intimately Racerback Back FP Free Activist Ian Bone was filmed addressing Rees-Mogg’s children directly as he said: ‘Your dad won’t answer the questions. Your daddy is a totally horrible person.

‘Lots of people don’t like your daddy, did you know that? No? He’s probably not told you about that. Lots of people hate him.

Jacob Rees Mogg's children heckled by 'class activist'
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Bone, was among protesters who questioned the Conservative MP over how much he pays the family’s nanny Veronica Crook.

The incident last night was filmed by left wing activist group Class War and posted to their Facebook page.

The group allowed Top Steph Lo Max Patterned Hi Studio qfwXS7nx1F to use the video ‘as long as you point out that it was Rees-Mogg who wheeled all his children out after we arrived.’


Tory MP Ben Gummer, the son of former Environment Secretary John Gummer took to Twitter after seeing the video.

He said: ‘I had my share of this stuff. All I can say is that seeing it done to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children still brings an oh so angry lump to my throat.

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and his family confront anti-capitalist protesters from Class War activist group outside his Westminster home (Picture: Alamy Live News)

‘It is a cruel ting to do to a child, and it will mark them forever.’

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Even members of the group agreed that the politician’s children shouldn’t have been involved.

Malcom Brooks said: ‘Well I don’t have any time for the tory git but not good in front of anyone’s kids.’

Wayne England said: ‘In front of the children. NOT COOL.’

While Steve Cason added: ‘I think taking the Tories on is fair game and in fact must be done – I do it all the time.

The family’s nanny Veronica Cook also stepped outside where the protest was happening (Picture: Alamy Live News)
Mr Bone started questioning Mrs Crook (Picture: Alamy Live News)

‘Sorry but I don’t agree that children should be brought into the argument in this way. The bit about not being like etc crossed the boundary.’


Defending his decision, Mr Bone told Top Steph Lo Max Patterned Hi Studio qfwXS7nx1F they were already demonstrating when Rees-Mogg brought his children outside, he said: ‘It was his decision to bring the children outside.

‘He saw the demonstration, he brought them out they listened. He knew what he was doing.’

Mr Bone also said when the children were outside, he ‘softened the arguments’, adding that calling him a ‘horrible man’ was nothing.

‘I said lots of people hate him, which is true, and that he doesn’t pay his nanny very much because he doesn’t believe in minimum wage.’

In the video, Rees-Mogg, a father of six, can be seen standing outside his Westminster home with his four youngest children and wife.

Mr Bone blamed Rees-Mogg for bringing the children outside (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

Mr Bone, 71, said in the video: ‘Daddy won’t say how much he pays the nanny. He has a nanny who looks after you, daddy doesn’t pay them very much.

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‘Daddy says the minimum wage doesn’t count for anything, or the London minimum wage. Poor nanny Crook who looks after you and wipes your bottom, she doesn’t get enough money every week.

‘But daddy, he doesn’t care because he’s too busy posting as a Latin eating, gut-orientated toff which he does pretty well.’

As Mrs Crook exits the house, Mr Bone starts asking her directly how much she earns. She tells Mr Bone, she doesn’t have to tell him that and that she’s ‘happy’.


Mrs Crook has looked after all six of Rees-Mogg’s children and even him when he was a little boy.

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